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Shri K B. Gopalakrishnan is a meditator and meditation teacher , who has tried many systems of meditation at a very early phase of his life . The prophecy about him says that “ He will have the Trikala Dhristi { the sight of past , present and future} “ and that he will be blessed by many divine beings.He was able to pinpoint the death of his aunt Shyamala without any physical symptoms, though she was hale and healthy and only then he realised that he also had Mrityu Siddhie - where one can see the death of a person in a easy fashion. He has formulated the techniques in a workshop called “ MRITYU SIDDIE” and in this course he teaches people how to predict death and the list of factors that will happen before a person’s death.

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He has appeared on televisions, indian papers, websites, radio shows .He conducts several astrological and non astrological courses like swara yoga, karma vipak, lineage karma, family karma, money manifestation, man and woman relationship, intuition, psychic ability etc

Aadhesh Institute of Inner Studies AIIS


No:5, Vedammal Ave, Dr.Subbaraya Nagar, Kodambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600024.

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