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I am Vineet Kamran founder of AstroArt Institute of Predictive Sciences, an astrologer by profession having 10+ years of experience in astrology consultation as well as teaching, and i'm here with years of experience of teaching Jyotish to my students. over the years i have been able to understand all the stumbling blocks students feel during the learning process of vedic astrology. My Friends Jyotish is something through which we can predict the duration of good and bad times of life and we can also prepare ourself for the bad times so that any kind of expected damages can be minimised or neutralised. In-spite of being an engineering professional my passion in Vedic astrology drove me to learn the sacred knowledge of Vedas and presently, I'm a qualified Jyotish Acharya, Palmist, Numerologist, Graphologist, Tarot Reader and a Vaastu Consultant too A civil engineer from various exalted positions in renowned organisations took an entrepreneurial plunge into finding an institution of my own for Astrological study, prediction and research. Off-course im no a sage but i can surely be a guide to what you are willing to learn. Being an engineer originally, i have always tried to explore logic in everything what i do and you will understand that i have applied the same principle in vedic astrology, along with original principle of jyotish laid down in scriptures. I'm Presenting this basic vedic astrology course to you, in which you will be getting complete in-depth training of basic astrology. So my friends instead of just cramming textual knowledge in books, get familiar will the facts and logics behind this science. i'm assuring you that this subject will be no longer complex for you, i have made this science so easy that you will learn this in no time. in case you are one of them who are fed up with paying to astrologers then you must stop paying to astrologers by enrolling into this basic vedic astrology course and as we say "Be an astrologer yourself" I promise to make you an astrologer OR a Vastu Consultant or a Numerologist if you follow and practice this course step by step. Happy Journey through Course.

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