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Hindu Academia is an online education platform to study Hindu culture, tradition, philosophies.

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We aim to promote the cultural heritage and better understanding of Sanatan Dharma.

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Welcome to Hindu Academia

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There are many benefits to becoming a student at the Hindu Academia. Here you can find limitless courses to relinquish you thirst for knowledge about Hinduism. Courses created by personalities worldwide will help you understand the Sanatan Dharma in a new way.


Being a tutor at the Hindu Academia provides you with a great opportunity to share a platform with diverse experts on Hinduism from all around the globe. You can teach your researched topic with global audience and inspiring countless people while also providing seva to the community. It will also be a great source for your income.


Hindu Academia, being a part of the Hindu Today group understands the businesses needs and caters to them accordingly. We have different solutions as per your needs. Contact us to learn more about developing a business relationship with us.


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Students Enrolled


Students Enrolled


Hindu Academia Tutors

Knowledge shared by world class organisations

Dr. Pranav

Dr. Pranav Pandya: A Global Spiritual Scientist Transforming LivesA disciple of Pandit Shriram Sharma Achaya, Dr. Pranav Pandya is a renowned spiritual scientist and Head of All World Gayatri Pariwar. As the Head of the Organization, he amplified the communication of Indian culture, in its true spir

Prof. Nathu

Industrialist, entrepreneur, renowned philanthropist and ardent supporter of education, Professor Nathu Puri is all rolled into one. He is a very distinguished figure in Britain, and there’s hardly one in the who’s who list of London who doesn’t want to rub shoulders with him. But

Dr. Radhakrishnan

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, widely known as “Chanakya Pillai”, is an extraordinary business author, an Indian management thinker, a renowned leadership speaker, trainer, mentor, Founder of Atma Darshan & Chanakya Aanvikshiki, and the Director of Chanakya International Institute of Lead

Dr Anadi

Motivational Speaker and Corporate trainer, conducting Seminars / Workshops in East/South Indian cities, committed to sharing transformational principles and practices for true happiness with individuals and corporations. Founder of "Spiritual Bharat" A Spiritual educational institutes (Online Guruk


Dr. Pranit Ambulkar, MD, PhD. (Ayu) An experienced Ayurveda Physician and expert in Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics (Science of Preparation of Medicines). 15 years of experience in industry, Two patents, several research papers, several public awareness sessions on live TV, webinars, workshops etc.


I am Vineet Kamran founder of AstroArt Institute of Predictive Sciences, an astrologer by profession having 10+ years of experience in astrology consultation as well as teaching, and i'm here with years of experience of teaching Jyotish to my students. over the years i have been able to understand


Nivritti Yoga is a commitment to bring forth completely pure and traditional forms of meditation from the roots of authentic spiritual traditions and adapt them to modern needs. So that everyone can experience joy within. Its founder Sandeep has learned under the traditional monasteries of India an

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